Thu, Jul 02, 2015

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Affordable Housing: The TERRIFIC Inn I, located two blocks from the U Street corridor, offers subsidized independent living for seniors 55 years and older and the TERRIFIC Inn II, in close proximity to Kennedy Street, N.W., offers spacious, subsidized and moderately priced housing for special needs populations. TERRIFIC, Inc.’s subsidized-housing program participants include senior citizens, low income individuals and needy families.  

With DCOA funding, TERRIFIC, Inc.’s Ward One, Two and Four ADRC’s plan and deliver direct services (meals; nutrition education, health promotions and counseling; comprehensive assessments and case management; recreation and socialization services; caregiver respite and other services) to older adults and their families. TERRIFIC, Inc.’s goal is for seniors to age in place while living vibrant and active lives. 

TERRIFIC, Inc.’s Grandma’s House®was the “first-in-the-nation,” international residential prototype for abused, neglected children, and families living with HIV/AIDS. Grandma’s House, founded in 1987, initially provided comprehensive, nurturing residential care homes for infants through thirteen year old children who are abandoned, abused, neglected, living with HIV/AIDS, prenatal drug-exposure or experiencing other bio-psycho-social problems. Since 2004 Grandma’s House® provided for youths 13-18 with same/similar problems as the initial program. TERRIFIC, Inc.’s initial involvement in serving people living with HIV/AIDS was through Grandma’s House, the-first-in-the-nation nurturing, residential program for infants and older children living with HIV/AIDS

Nearly 40% of all the persons in the District of Columbia with HIV are over 50 years old. To decrease the alarming rate of HIV infection among older District adults, TERRIFIC, Inc.’s Older Adults and HIV Prevention Program provides HIV prevention and education to older District residents and to adult service providers.TERRIFIC, Inc.’s Older Adults and HIV Program seeks to educate, offer testing, integrate linkages to care, train and support community providers.