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When she had turned her face towards him he had ended for her, flippantly, ‘And they married and lived happy ever after.’

‘No, she married my father’

What could he make of that? Her last call was at Mawson & Swan’s in Grey Street, where she purchased a number of books.

By the time they reached the railway station he likened himself to a donkey, he was so loaded down under parcels, and he thanked God he wasn’t likely to come across anyone he knew. When they arrived at Shields she hired a cab, and they drove through the drizzling rain to the house, and into warmth and comfort and elegance.

Elegance was another new word he had of late added to his vocabulary; it was the only word to describe this house, its furniture and the comforts of it.

‘Ah, isn’t it nice to be home?’ She had returned from upstairs, where she had evidendy combed her hair and applied some talcum powder to her face for her chin had the same appearance as Ruth’s had when she wiped it with a floured hand.

‘It’s an awful night; you must have something before you go, something to eat that is. Did Mr Taylor bring the takings?’

‘Yes; I’ve checked them, they’re all right.’



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