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TERRIFIC, Inc. is a thirty-six (36) year old action oriented, 501 (c) 3, non-profit (tax exempt), housing and human service organization whose primary goal is to respond to families in crises. "Families in Crisis" represents any group of persons (i.e. children and adolescents, adults, seniors and families) who share same or similar health, psycho-social-economic ills, housing or discriminatory problems that might prohibit their access to needed services or impede their rights to quality care and human dignity. TERRIFIC, Inc. identifies and develops resources to meet those needs and fosters a continued response to future crises.

As the parent organization, TERRIFIC, Inc. operates several diverse housing, residential care and human service programs. Notably, TERRIFIC, Inc. is the D.C. Office on Aging Lead Agency for Ward 1 and 4 residents who are 60 years old and older. TERRIFIC, Inc. ensures the full range of DCOA-funded services designed to meet the complex and ever-changing needs of seniors. TERRIFIC, Inc.’s DCOA Ward One and Four Lead Agency Senior Service Programs plan and deliver direct services to older adults and their families(Meals, Nutrition Education, Health Promotion and Counseling Services, Case Management, Recreation and Socialization Services and Medical Transportation Services, etc.). TERRIFIC, Inc.’s goal is for seniors to age in place while living vibrant and active lives. 

Home Delivered Meals

This program prepares and delivers hot meals to elderly and disabled individuals who are unable to shop for and/or prepare the food themselves, or travel to a site where a meal is being served. This service is also available on weekends. All meals contain one-third the recommended daily allowance of nutrients.

Transport Services

WEHTS provides basic transportation for seniors who cannot access traditional transportation systems. We can help you arrange transportation to essential medical appointments, dialysis sessions, appointments with public benefits agencies and banking institutions, Contact your Lead Agency (Ward One or Four) to utilize this vital service.  

Older Adults and HIV

TERRIFIC, Inc.’s HIV Medical Case Management Services are provided to a caseload of 45 clients.  To decrease the alarming rate of HIV infection among older District adults TERRIFIC, Inc.’s Older Adults and HIV Prevention Program addresses HIV prevention / education to older District residents and to adult service providers.